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Prestige X-D2 D Zero

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FOR THOSE WHO WANT THE BEST The saddle with the deepest tree in this range to ensure closer contact and a wider seat. The only one of its kind. The tree places the rider closer to the horse guaranteeing the best freedom of movement. The saddle is very comfortable also for female riders ("unisex" tree). The rear part of the seat is significantly wider than traditional dressage saddles. It contains two enlarged membranes, obtained by applying the new OTI ( "Over Tree Injection) technological procedure: the elastic material is over injectid into the tree. The blocks are also available on Velcro. The front girth straps are elastic, while the rear ones determine the balance of the saddle. The panels are shaved in the front to give the most freedom to the shoulders. The panels are wider along their entire length to distribute the weight of the rider more evenly. The three withers sizes fit all horses. The saddle comes with the F23.0 - trapezium pad for a perfect fit. PLUS Elastic front girth straps Shoulder free panels 30% wider seat Very deep and comfortable seat
CALL FOR LOWEST AUTHORIZED PRICE 1-203-246-8013 Prestige prices just changed and we are updating the computer system. As always we will give you the lowest price the factory authorizes. We should have the website updated in a few weeks. Right now, when you call we will include a free Prestige brown bridle and standing martingale or Pegasus black saddle fitter pad with every saddle order!