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Prestige X-D2 D Zero Dressage Saddle

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The X-D2 features a new, deeper, saddle that brings the rider closer to the horse without, however, cramping movement. The base at the rear of the seat is appreciably broader as compared with traditional dressage saddles and is fitted with 2 enlarged membranes obtained applying a new technological procedure (OTI, or “over tree injection”) entailing the injection from above of the elastic material inside of the tree the “ESS” ergonomic stitching system is the first of its kind and ensures improved comfort for the horse. These anatomically shaped panels guarantee maximum freedom of movement for the muscles of the trapezius. Withers channel sizes: The X-D2 was designed so that 3 withers’ sizes would cater for all horses. S = for horses with a withers channel up to 33 M = for horses with a withers channel up to 35 L = for horses with a withers channel of over 35 Double oiled calfskin leather, Synthetic wool flocking
CALL FOR LOWEST AUTHORIZED PRICE 1-203-246-8013 Prestige prices just changed and we are updating the computer system. As always we will give you the lowest price the factory authorizes. We should have the website updated in a few weeks. Right now, when you call we will include a free Prestige brown bridle and standing martingale or Pegasus black saddle fitter pad with every saddle order!