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Prestige DX (L)

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This saddle is used by the Olympic champion hinrich Romeike. This saddle is outstandingly supple and light and is entirely lined in calfskin. Its single flap, which optimizes close contact with the horse, is particularly suited to eventing riders. The front blocks are anatomically shaped (“banana” blocks): the rear ones are medium sized.
CALL FOR LOWEST AUTHORIZED PRICE 1-203-246-8013 Prestige prices just changed and we are updating the computer system. As always we will give you the lowest price the factory authorizes. We should have the website updated in a few weeks. Right now, when you call we will include a free Prestige brown bridle and standing martingale or Pegasus black saddle fitter pad with every saddle order!
Prices for Prestige saddles will be quoted when ordered. We want you to call for expert advice. Talk to someone who really knows. Call (203) 557-3285 for expert advice and lowest authorized prices.