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Prestige X-Breath Dressage Cuoio

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Prestige unveils its new ultra-light dressage saddle, the X-Breath Dressage Cuoio - Standard smooth leather, Breathable dressage saddle.

What immediately catches the eye is the large cut-out section of the seat. This centrally positioned oval hole performs the following dual function: a ventilation function to ensure better air circulation, so keeping the horse and the rider cool a therapeutic function: the anatomically shaped aperture assists protection of the coccyx. This hole is covered by a special ultra-elastic 3D material that adds to the comfort of the seat. There are other holes and apertures in the flaps and underflaps and these lighten the weight and improve ventilation. The panels feature X-TECHNOLOGY: a honeycomb elastic membrane and a layer of soft rubber that replace the use of felt to secure a substantial reduction in the thickness of the panels so enhancing the “close contact” effect and at the same time enabling greater stability and comfort for the horse’s back.

No sooner are you seated on the X-BREATH DRESSAGE than you instantly feel at ease and it is as though you have always been using it. Sensitivity is optimized: the saddle transmits even the slightest movements of the horse and it picks up every single signal from it.



CALL FOR LOWEST AUTHORIZED PRICE 1-203-246-8013 Prestige prices just changed and we are updating the computer system. As always we will give you the lowest price the factory authorizes. We should have the website updated in a few weeks. Right now, when you call we will include a free Prestige brown bridle and standing martingale or Pegasus black saddle fitter pad with every saddle order!