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Prestige X-Contact Jumping Saddle

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The new saddle tree, derived from the X-PERIENCE with a lower cantle, is designed to accommodate a thinner seat for increased closeness and greater close contact with the horse. Seat sizes correspond to: 16,5 17,5 18,5. The panels are INTEGRATED with the flaps in the double flap version or LOOSE in the X-CONTACT K. The standard version has a double flap, the X-CONTACT K a single flap. The standard version has, to the front, double rolls: both anatomically shaped rolls and small ones with Velcro fastening; to the rear, large rolls with Velcro fastening. Leather options: New SUPER printed leather, naturally tanned, 4.5mm thick, ultra-soft to ensure excellent grip. Completely lined in oiled calfskin for better grip (version D). Completely lined in LUX leather.
CALL FOR LOWEST AUTHORIZED PRICE 1-203-246-8013 Prestige prices just changed and we are updating the computer system. As always we will give you the lowest price the factory authorizes. We should have the website updated in a few weeks. Right now, when you call we will include a free Prestige brown bridle and standing martingale or Pegasus black saddle fitter pad with every saddle order!