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Prestige X-D1D K Zero Lux Dressage Saddle

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The mono flap version of the famous D1 dressage saddle is for riders who require even more contact with the horse, by maintaining the same action on the horse shoulders as in D1 saddle. The Zero version is different from the previous model because it offers now a narrower twist to the rider This has been possible by working on the following three points: the saddle tree is now thinner in the middle the upper part of the flaps is now in calfskin instead of leather , so that we could obtain less thickness in this area the under flaps in the same area of the calfskin inserts of the flaps, have a special thermo-sensitive rubber so that it is possible to reach an even lower thickness. The saddle is available in the D version, which is covered in calfskin leather or in LUX version, distinctive as it has the softness of calfskin but the resistance of leather.
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Size & Fit Guide
Prestige X-D1D K Zero Lux Dressage Saddle Size & Fit Guide