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Need expert advice? We are saddle and boot fitting specialists and can help you choose the perfect saddle or boots. When you are ready, please call us at 1-800-888-8721 and we can go over the details to get you the right saddle.

If you don't see what you need, or are not sure: Please call me on my cell phone 203-246-8013. Ron Friedson, Saddle and Boot designer!
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  • Kieffer Lusitano$3,099.00
    This elegant Portuguese breed seems pre-destined for high dressage. Even for swinging movements, optimal support of the rider is guaranteed by the high, soft-padded knee rolls. Classical appearance and top quality, with a passion for detail. For spirit and elegance in dressage.

  • 50-athen-0.jpg
    Kieffer Athen$2,495.00
  • p_full_86691_KiefferInzellZwartNJ2013OotemanLogo.jpg
    Kieffer Inzell$3,589.00
    With shortened panel ideal also for smaller horses. Thanks to the moveable V-suspension, the girth straps are always in the right place, even in cases of girthing problems. For exceptional horses and riders.

  • Kieffer Anja Beran$3,977.00

    This lovely dressage saddle was created in cooperation with the renowned instructor for classical horsemanship, Anja Beran.

    It offers all the requirements for working in balance and harmony with the horse, according to the classical training principles.

    The sale of Anja Beran products supports the Anja Beran Foundation. Knee rolls on the panel under the saddle flap Covered saddle flaps Soft-padded skirt Optional with drop panel cut Long girth straps Moveable V-suspension

  • Kieffer Amsterdam.jpg
    Kieffer Amsterdam$3,677.00
    Excellent comfort without restrictions on elegance or functionality - named after the champion stallion 'Amsterdam' of South Tyrolean musician and Haflinger breeder Norbert Rier, this saddle comes as standard with the innovative Medico seat. Suitable for Haflingers, as well as for Cob/Thoroughbred and Full/Warmblood horses.

  • Kieffer Lusitano Kur$3,852.00
    Like the Lusitano - a masterpiece of saddler's art - a combination of traditional quality craftsmanship, excellent comfort and functionality. The flat knee rolls allow the rider to exert control flexibly. For truly passionate riders, and not just for Iberian horses.

  • Kieffer Malmo$2,919.00
    This dressage saddle is extremely versatile in use, due to its comfort and high level of functionality. The classic appearance is suitable for the dressage arena and for routine work, while the design promotes perfect posture, without constricting the rider. This is definitely the everyday saddle.

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