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Prestige X-D1D K Zero LUX - MONO Flap Dressage Saddle (W)

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The X-D1 saddle, in a monoflap version, provides both comfort and close contact all while guaranteeing optimum freedom of movement to the horse. This saddle is ideal for short backed horses, due to the design of the panels. They feature a half-moon cut out which will not interfere with the horse's shoulder. A special insert has been strategically placed on the sweat flaps under the rider's leg. It is filled with a thermosensitive material that compresses once warmed up allowing the rider's leg to be even closer to the horse. The front billets are secured to the saddle with heavy-duty elastic, which expands and contracts with the horse. The rear billets are attached using a V shaped nylon system that stabilizes the saddle on the back of the horse. This saddle comes with the F23.0 Trapezium Pad for a perfect fit. LUX has premium leather (printed or smooth)