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Prestige X-Perience D Jumping Saddle (L)

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FOR TODAY'S HORSE AND RIDER A completely new tree, the most comfortable so far. Its innovative shape is the result of a deep study of equine and human anatomy. The X-Perience has a completely new, unisex tree that is specially designed for jumping. The seat is much wider towards the cantle which helps to improve the rider's balance. Two membranes in the tree help to soften impact and enhance rider comfort. The panels are wider throughout the entire length of the saddle, distributing the weight of the rider more evenly across a broader surface on the horse's back. They are extremely thin and are integrated with the sweat flaps for even closer contact. The design of this version makes it suitable for horses with average to small withers. Alternatively, the X-Perience is available with non-integrated panels (FP version) for greater versatility and adaptability to horses with large withers. PLUS Optimum twist "unisex" tree % wider seat space Integrated or non-integrated (fp version) panels