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Prestige Philosophy D K MONO Flap (W) "New"

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The saddle is built on the unisex saddle tree, revolutionary and structurally innovative, featuring the “COCCYX-PROTECTION-SYSTEM”, or CPS. The CPS saddle tree features a new third injected-membrane geometry with a differentiated capacity to absorb all stress and movement. This concept was conceived to protect the ischium bones, the coccyx, and the back. The central membrane has greater elasticity than the two on either side, and it is visible through the soft Plexiglas inspection window on the saddle’s gullet. The seat is wider towards the cantle, and it is extremely soft and comfortable thanks in part to the new membranes. The saddle tree is also wider in the pommel than other saddles, for increased freedom of the withers and the trapezius muscles. Also, the tree points are slightly angled when compared to the usual position, to allow the rider to place the saddle further forward without hindering the shoulders. The seating position is deeper to provide the rider a very close contact feeling with the horse, but without blocking its movements. The blocks, too, are innovative, and they follow the anatomy of the horse, for greater freedom for the shoulders. The back of the cantle and the channel between the panels are lined in damask leather. The panels are shaped anatomically to the horse and feature a wider surface area near the cantle to facilitate better weight distribution and therefore freer movement for the trapezius muscles.