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Niedersuss Saddles

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Niedersuss Symphony Dressage Saddle

The Karl Niedersuss dressage saddle is one of the finest dressage saddles available in the world today. Its design helps you achieve the correct position without feeling forced.

The original, classic model. Currently Not Available. Try the Klimke

Niedersuss Hippostar Dressage Saddle

Billeting system with front strap built into the knee roll and free swinging D-ring on back billet for optimum adjusting. Wider panels and gullet. Currently Not Available try the Prestige
Niedersuss Olympik Dressage Saddle

A new saddle from Karl Niedersuss, offering all the benefits of the Classic plus these enhancements:Improved billeting system with front strap built into the knee roll serving as a foregirth, and the back strap coming off the cantel area.

Softer, thick foam padded and textured leather seat for a more comfortable ride without slipping. Wider spaced panels with a new cushion cut for a better fit on most horses. Currently Not Available, Try the Anky!

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