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18" Pegasus Whitney Jumping Saddle

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Now with Pegasus Comfort Fit Technology Patented Pegasus Unicorn technology means the saddle automatically adjusts wider or narrower as needed. Each side of the tree incorporates two hinges that are strong enough to hold their position and flexible enough to move with your horses every step! Low Front Pommel Suspension for an expanded seat center providing additional room to accommodate the Proper Placement & Movement of the Seat Bones. Shoulder-Free Panel 1/2 Panel to allow for the maximum scope of movement. Panels fit in & around the scapula to maximize withers clearance and retain a forward center of balance.

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Details: Co
lor - Dark Brown
Condition - New
Pegasus® Unicorn technology Two stirrup bars, 4 Billet straps
Flap Length: 15 ½ inches
Flap Width: 14 inches
Tree Width: 3 inches
Gullet: 3 inches
Panel: 18 inches

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