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2017 Shoulder Free Cyrnon Energy Balancing pad

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The 2017 version of this great pad is targeted to solve the fitting problem created by horses with larger or more prominent shoulders. Sway backs or other unevenness. It also makes a great regular pad. Each pocket can hold up to 4 layers of 1/8 CIRP technology memory foam.

This is an ideal pad to fix the common problem, that often forces the saddle to sit just behind the "bulge" area and when the horse moves: the saddle rubs into the back of the shoulder, effectively shutting the horses movement down. There are two rings on the front of the pad, to allow you to connect the pad to a breastcollar. Doing so lets you create a "perfect" back for your horse until your horse develops their own perfect back!

Size & Fit Guide
2017 Shoulder Free Cyrnon Energy Balancing pad Size & Fit Guide