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F.B.FINE BOOTS #AB050-20 Ladies Medium (Snip) Square Toe

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Available in black or tobacco. This classic has a square toe 1 inch wide. For a neat appearance. Comfortable and rugged for all day wear.
Average rating:
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1 reviews

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The only boots worth wearing 01/05/2022
By Cynthia Renshaw
I bought these boots for my daughter in 2009 at a boutique that later moved locations. She wore off any identifying marks after years of extreme wear. I looked everywhere and ordered every kind of boot to try to get her to give up her old worn boots. NO WAY. Nothing could ever get her away from the comfort and constant compliments she got with these boots....which will NOT die. After 5 years, I finally traced the bootmaker and he identified this boot. We feel like we won the lottery and are stocking up like it's the end of the world. After trying on a pair myself, now I understand her loyalty. Amazing comfort.