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Cynron CM Saddle

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Cynron English Spring Tree.

Flat Seat with Forward Flap

Low Front Pommel Suspension for an expanded seat center providing additional room to accommodate the Proper Placement & Movement of the Seat Bones.

Ergonomic Panel Shape for narrowest twist and maximum withers clearance in a saddle with slim panels. Knee pad lining extended under stirrup bars for closest contact and feeling.

Leather—Antique Price $4650.00
Leather CX-B Brown or Black Buffalo Price $4850.00

For down-to earth comfort, detailed workmanship, and downright luxury. Tree Available in narrow, medium, wide, extra wide. 16-1/2,17,17-1/2,18,18-1/2,19,19-1/2,20.

Cost Increase - 20% for sizes 18.5-21”