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Pegasus Unicorn Feather Weight Dressage Endurance Saddle

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The easiest fitting saddle in our line of easy fitting Pegasus Unicorn Saddles!

While horses with hollows will still need a saddle pad with shims for many horses who even with our regular Saddles might need corrective shims this is the most forgiving and often does not require any pad!  These are due to the unique panel design and of course our ultra close contact feel

Rear leg blocks can be removed
Covered in very strong,lightweight buffalo calfskin!
Seat very secure and very close to horse!
The unique design of this saddle makes a wide horse feel less wide compared to other saddles!
3 long girth straps allows you to change the tilt of the saddle; more to the front, rear or to remain straight.
Weight: under 9 lbs!

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