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Above is one of our very special customers. Her customized handicapped riding saddle keeps her secure and safe. Wether is a saddle for show jumping, polo or trail riding. Or boots for an purpose: You are at the right spot for anything with horses. 95 Bayberry Lane, Westport, CT 06880 e-mail Fax 208-246-4946 203-557-3285 1-800-888-USA1(8721) Expert Knowledge – The Right Price! My father Sam Friedson started this business as a small tack store back in 1963. Back then, the tack store was a place for expert advice. We still hold to that tradition. Just call us! I or one of my expert partners will get you exactly what you need! In this day and age of “generic” service we offer expert advice – at no extra cost! Ron S. Friedson Saddle & Boot Designer