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Claudia dressage and jump saddle packages.  Regular $4500;  Sale.. $2995!!

Package includes Saddle, Leathers, Irons, Girth and Saddle Pad!

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    Pegasus Butterfly Dressage Saddle Package : Now with the new double soft seat for 2015!$4,500.00
    • The Pegasus Butterfly™ Saddle is the one saddle for fitting every horse. While the idea is 100's of years old. Modern science and technology has made the dream possible.Better movement and more comfort for your horse.
    • •Saddle's tri-dimensional frame self-adjusts to any horse
    • •Saddle tree actually moves with your horse's action
    • •No need to re-flock as individual horses become more or less fit
    • •Perfect for horses with short backs
    • Unlike any other adjustable tree saddle, there are no bolts or screws to lost or broken. Simple brilliant design makes the Pegasus Butterfly saddle work.
    •  The tree has two hinges either side of your horses withers. One set of hinges adjusts the width of the front gullet exactly to your horses width. The other set of hinges adjusts the angles on each side to your horses exact angles. Each sides adjustment is independent of the other. So the saddle automatically fits.
    • Now, saddle experts will say there is also a 3 dimension: That of vertical height, as with a horse with a dropped (sway type) back or extremely high withers. For those two special features, the Pegasus Butterfly has its own special pad to give you that vertical height control.
    • The Pegasus Butterfly saddle is designed to put your body in the same place as where you would ride if you were riding bareback, which is the natural correct place to be. With the center of gravity forward you and your horse have a more well-balanced ride, taking pressure of your horse's back. Reducing hock and back problems.
    • While the Pegasus Butterfly saddle is a dream on every horse, for those short backed horses and horse with extremely broad shoulders this saddle is spectacular. Because the tree is designed to fit on either side of the shoulders and automatically moves when your horse moves his or her shoulders your horse is always comfortable and free moving.
    • Sold as a complete saddle package for $4500.00 this price includes saddle, bridle, girth, stirrup leathers and saddle pad. These items sell separately for about 900.00. The Pegasus Butterfly saddle alone is $3995.00 Sizes 17 and 18 are usually in-stock. Sizes 16 and 19 are expected in the Spring of 2015. Choose black or dark brown. Deep seat with long billets or flatter seat with short billets. The knee rolls are Velcro mounted, to allow you to place them exactly where needed.  The new 2015 models with the Exclusive Pegasus Double Soft seat now in stock!
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    Pegasus Butterfly™ Dressage Saddle with Extra Secure Seat$3,495.00

    If you want extra grip and security, the new Pegasus Butterfly with Extra Secure seat gives you the easy to fit your horse technology of the regular Pegasus Butterfly saddles. And incredible grip and security with the front and rear seat rolls.

    While designed for high level dressage and Spanish horse work. This is an ideal saddle for both dressage and trail riding for any rider. Size 18 only (the seat roll in the back floats to adjust to fit your body. Regular $3995.00 Right Now on sale for $3495 including pad and stirrup leathers and irons!

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    Click HERE to find out more about Butterfly™ Saddles

    The Saddle with a Revolutionary Saddle Tree System

    • Better movement and more comfort for your horse
    • Saddle's highly flexible 'tri-dimensional' frame continuously self-adjusts to any horse 
    • Saddle tree actually moves with your horse's action
    • Provides free movement for shoulders and withers
    • No need to re-flock as individual horses become more or less fit
    • One saddle fits horses of any size, shape or conformation
    • Perfect for horses with short backs
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    Click HERE to find out how The Butterfly™ Tree works
    The Butterfly's™ Exceptional Saddle Tree System

    The newly developed saddle tree makes the Butterfly™ exceptional. Its construction differs from other saddle trees by eliminating the conventional head iron(gullet plate).

  • Butterfly Center Of Gravity Image correct.jpeg
    Pegasus Butterfly Saddle Ideal for Horses with Short Backs - Thanks to the natural Center of Gravity

    The Butterfly™ The short saddle panels and and saddle's unique design moves the center of gravity forward -- for a more well-balanced ride, taking pressure of your horse's back. This helps prevent hock and back problems and puts your weight in the same place where you would ride bareback. The natural and healthy place for your horses back.

  • Pegasus Butterfly Saddle Claudia Jumping with Soft Seat$3,995.00
    Pegasus Butterfly Claudia jumping saddle. All the wonderful features of the dressage saddle in a modern close contact jumping saddl.e
  • Butterfly-Thomas-Muehlbauer_01_022c96c9a2.jpg
    Pegasus Butterfly Thomas Muhlbauer Edition Hunter-Jumper Saddle $4,500.00
    The Pegasus Butterfly Jumping Saddle with the personal preferences of Thomas Muhlbauer, one of the worlds 100 top riders! Choose black or brown. 17 or 18 inch.Saddle only $4500.00 Package $5000.00
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