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Cynron Western Saddles

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  • PegasusFeatherWeightEventer2
    Pegasus FeatherWeight Monoflap$4,695.00

    Pegasus FeatherWeight Monoflap


    Our light weight close contact saddle in super soft leather. Weights only 10 lbs and has the softest leather available. Finest Pegasus Quality! Made of Buffalo Calf

    Utilizes the Cynron Unicorn Tree - The length, width, & points of this tree flex and conform around the horse’s shoulders and back with girthing and the rider’s weight. The tree follows the horses shape at rest and during each movement, providing freedom for the shoulder and maximum comfort! Incredible close contact feeling!

    The panel configuration with a wide gullet follow the line of the tree and do not interfere with the tree's movement while distributing the maximum amount of weight along it broad, soft foam panels

    For down-to earth comfort, detailed workmanship, and downright luxury. With velcro knee blocks. Medium and Deep Seat Available. Available in narrow, medium, and wide widths! 16,16-1/2,17,17-1/2,18, Weight is 12 pounds on 18.75, 19 and 19.25 inch.

  • CynronSaddles/pegasusbrandsaddles/pegasusnohornendurancesaddle.jpg
    Pegasus SQ Endurance Trail Saddle No Horn$1,695.00
    Our advanced Pegasus by Cynron Endurance Trail saddle with Extra Narrow Twist and full or semi Quarterhorse bars. Seat: 13”, 14”, 15", 16" and 17" ($40 extra)

    Black or brown, with CIRP Technology padding for the horse and rider and super flexible tree. Each side of the tree adjusts independently for your horses front to back contours.

  • PegasusMcClellandsaddle.jpg
    Pegasus McClelland Saddle$895.00


    This traditional looking McClelland saddle,utilizes the Cynron FlexTree - The length, width, & points of this tree flex and conform around the horse’s shoulders and back with girthing and the rider’s weight. Adult medium size. Choose black or dark brown.

  • /Bond Street/bondstreet1001polosaddle.jpg
    Pegasus Suede Leather Polo Saddle$1,295.00
    #PS1001 Our famous #1001 polo saddle is still the best mid-price polo saddle on the market. Heavy duty tree, steel reinoforced.

    Extra-strong billets and full size seats in 18" or 19"! (many firms run 1/2 inch small and therefore the saddle is a bit short in front!) Normally the famous #1002 is $1995 but now they are on sale for $1295!
    The standard #1001 is designed to fit a standard polo pony. If you have wide-backed horse and find your saddle does not stay still on him, order our extra-wide tree option ($85 extra) and we will adjust the tree for that wide backed horse.

    18" or 19". Medium tree.

  • Pegasus Barrel 35$975.00
  • Pegasus Barrel Rd. Skirt 6$960.00
    Barrel Rd. Skirt
  • Pegasus Barrel/ All Around 2$657.00
    Barrel/ All Around
  • Pegasus Barrel: Rebel 29$705.00
    Barrel: Rebel
  • Pegasus Cutter 28$825.00
  • Pegasus Roper 43$1,125.00
  • Pegasus Show: Pleasure 31$657.00
    Show: Pleasure
  • Pegasus Suede Barrel Green Suede Barrel$1,230.00
    Suede Barrel Green
  • Pegasus Suede Barrel Red Suede Barrel$1,260.00
    Suede Barrel Red
  • Pegasus Trail / Pleasure 12$705.00
    Trail / Pleasure
  • Pegasus Trail / Pleasure 17$825.00
    Trail / Pleasure
  • Pegasus Trail / Pleasure 33$885.00
    Trail / Pleasure
  • Pegasus Trail 98$1,395.00
Cynron Equestrian Equipment

Is Designed and manufactured to be State of the Art. Cynron Saddles are the Cutting Edge -Innovative, Technologically Advanced, and Elegant Saddles. We have done in depth research into the materials we utilized to maximize comfort and function. We have incorporated all of this into the Designs of our Equestrian Equipment to meet & exceed the demands of this sport on the horse and rider.

Cynron Design Team

Understands all of the demands and issues of this sport... we ride. We all ride, We Own Horses, Our Families Ride, We Show, We Train, We Teach. This design team is immersed in and shares the passions of the Equestrian Lifestyle. Therefore, We Listen to your Concerns and Understand from the Depths of our own Experiences how Important it is to Solve an Issue for the Rider and the Horse. This team of Saddlers, Fitters, Trainers, & Veterinarians work with Determination & Persistence to identified Technologically Advanced Solutions which are then incorporated into Functionally Correct Designs Handcrafted in Rich Elegant Leathers.

The Result: A Beautifully Impressive Saddle Allowing Great and Relaxed Movement for both the Horse and Rider. A Saddle we Choose to Ride in Ourselves. A Saddle we are Proud to Offer.