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How To Fit Your Horse

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    How To Fit Your Horse
    1. Put a saddle on the horse
    2. Make sure the front billet lines up just behind his front legs, as far forward as you can get the billet.- DO NOT PUT THE SADDLE FURTHER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. Take blue masking tape, the kind that does not really stick and out line the saddle
    4. Take the saddle off
    5. For hard to fit horses, you will need 9 pieces of paper. Most horses only need 4-5
    6. Starting two inches behind location 1, put a piece of tape about 8-10 inches long over his withers, repeat 3 more times for most horses. To total of 9 times for tough fits.
    7. Starting at 1, bend a wire over his withers, then trace the wire onto a piece of paper, number the paper with which tracing it is: then do the next location.
    8. Also, give the height of the red line (the vertical distance between the lowest part of the horses back and the highest part of the horses withers.
    9. Take a picture of the horse, showing the blue tape.
    10. email to
    11. We can also always send you a few test fit saddles. And you can just email us pictures of how the fit, and we can work from there just as well.

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